Members Code of Conduct 

As members of the South Australian Aboriginal Building and Civil Construction Academy – the body representing companies with business interests in the Academy – we agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

  • We adhere to the rule of law – the principle that everyone and every entity is bound by and entitled to the benefits of law.


  • We proactively look to understand what the current law is – we recognize that ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law.


  • We recognize that the safety of our workforce, and those impacted by our work, is the primary responsibility of the business.


  • We treat our employees with the respect, integrity and fairness because we understand that, without them, we have no business.


  • We are an equal opportunity employer and do not accept discrimination, harassment or bullying in our workplace.


  • We ensure the entitlements of our employees are preserved and paid on time.


  • We ensure that the payment of our sub-contractors and suppliers occurs promptly, and within the timeframes required by law and our contracts.


  • We treat all stakeholders with the respect, integrity and fairness, as without their success we cannot succeed.


  • We strive to protect and preserve the environment and in doing so adhere to the laws of the land.


  • We recognize and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of this land, past and present.


  • We, as Members of the Academy representing our industry, commit to a professional standard and that doing ‘just enough’ is never good enough – we strive to always do better. We have the systems and procedures in place that will continuously improve our service as defined offering Integrity, Capability, Quality and Reliability.


  • We strive to always improve and contribute to the stature, standing and voice of the South Australian Aboriginal Building and Civil Construction Academy by participating in and supporting the Academy as a Member.


  • We adhere to the Fair Work Australia approved rules of the Academy and the Code of Conduct.

July, 2022